Krakow is a attractive place in Poland

Cracow is a capital of malopolska area and it is an area which have to be visited by the individuals who would like to to spend excellent moment in time in Poland. Kraków is a good localization to start sightseeing Republic of Poland city by town, village by village. Kraków gives a lot of museums to go to and plenty parties to take part in. Here is also possible to take 1 of krakow tours and get the city know better.

Cracow has its own airport – Balice and it is very not difficult to get there from any point on the world. Furthermore, there are plenty companies which provide krakow airport transfers. You will be driven in luxurious and relax cars which will meet needs of the most demanding customers.


Now it has to be told few sentences about the greatest and the most significant areas in Cracow (more on First of all, you must see Wawel castle. It is placed near market place and it was a residence of Polish kings and queens up to 1795. It was the 2nd capital of Poland after Gniezno. It is also a cemetery where are bodies of the well-known and the most influential Poles like: Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki and since 2010 here are also buried bodies of President of Poland and his spouse – Maria and Lech Kaczyńscy.

Other area worth visiting in Cracow is the novelist museum located under Sukiennice Market place. It is a new museum which is dedicated past times of Cracow until today’s times. The museum is available everyday from eight in the morning to eight in the afternoon. However, if you are not keen on museums you are able to frequently go to bars and restaurants and experience the special mood of magic Kraków. In those cafes you can meet individuals connected with drawing and literature, like: novelists and painters.

Cracow is a perfect localization for everyone, no matter how old are you and what is your job. Everyone can find something out of ordinary and what catch his/ her attention. To verify the statement look around and learn why the Cracow has been the favourite area of leaders few hundreds years ago.

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