It’s the high moment to learn the planet

Spring is an excellent time to start considering destinations for holidays. It is just a matter of time and the lack of discounted airplane tickets and low cost hotel will not be obtainable anymore. This post will focus on two places where everyone is able to forget about everyday responsibilities.

The city in Italy

The first location which is really worth visiting is Milan, a city which is situated in the north area of Italy. It’s also a capital of Lombardy area. Milan is the second biggest town after Rome, the capital city in Italy. The town is known for craft, entertainment and manner. There occur Milan stylish Week every year ( That tourists who would like to discover about Milan, must consider purchasing airplane passes for affordable flights from warsaw to milan. The landmark of the location that is the Milan Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church that is also one of the most favored tourist sites of the town. The customers frequently take images in front of the church building and after relax in the close by restaurants and restaurants. During the visiting of Milan, it is worth to search for a place where are shown the most fashionable paintings of good painter – Leonardo da Vinci. Milan is also a popular city among soccer supporters. Here are located two baseball groups which are very prosperous. They are AC Milan and FC Internazionale. The travelers can see their home arenas and see their video games in real life.

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If you are interested in flights from warsaw to milan, you should learn more about the straight air travel from Poland to Italy. That journey to Milan begins at Warsaw F. Chopin Airport and the trip lasts about 2 hours (learn more). Milan is served by three airports. The earliest airport is Linate as well as the biggest flight terminal in Milan is Malpensa Global Airport. It’s also the 2nd biggest airport in Italy. Finally, here is Orio al Serio which provides only domestic flights.

The flights to Asia

Another town which is worth visiting this summertime is Beijing. It is the main city of the People’s Republic of China and the third most populous city in the globe after Shanghai (Asia) and Karachi (Pakistan). The flights to beijing are normally provided by well-known flight companies which provides economic flights in comfy and modern aircraft. During your stay in China, it’s worth to learn more about the nation and see the National Museum of China. The museum’s collection will explain the background of the country for everyone who will purchase plane tickets for flights to beijing.

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