The biggest airports in the Old Continent

Nowadays, almost all of bigger cities in the Europe have airfield. The same is in USA, Canada or Australia. Buying flight tickets is much more common for people, then it was fifteen years earlier. But there are some large airfields in the world, scales of it are often bigger then size of a small town. Airfields like that are capable to send tourists to antipodes with one tour! They are so huge, that sometimes you may need a map to avoid getting lost.

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Airplanes as the most popular kind of transportations

Since European Union get bigger and bigger, continent’s territory seem to shrink. Earlier businessmen had their connections in different cities in their home country. Now, they associates are spread all around the Old Continent, and sometimes even further. Thanks to cheap airline companies, businessmen are able to trip fast, comfortable and in reasonable prices. It last just 2 hours to get from Warsaw to Paris, fast cab from airfield and, during three hours, you are at the meeting at the Champ de Elysees. But most of all, cheap airline tickets are good for travel area. In presents, European people are visiting places, they never wish to be seen.

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